The Volcano Listening Project

Re-imagine Your Data Workshop

Held remotely over two weekends, April 17-18 and 24-25, 2021, this workshop aimed to teach tools of sonification and visualization to a coding-saavy audience. The workshop was led jointly by Leif Karlstrom (U Oregon), Ben Holtzman (Columbia U) and Anna Barth (Columbia U). The first weekend consisted of data sonification and visualization tutorials, using python jupyter notebooks. The second weekend consisted of group work, capped by an internal presentation of the resulting data movies.

Workshop participants included undergraduate and graduate students and a postdoctoral researcher, based at U. Oregon. Participants were given the option to bring their own dataset or work with a dataset provided by the conveners.

Here are examples of data movies generated during the workshop, along with pointers to the authors' personal websites.

Allison Kubo Hutchison and Christian Conaway

Worked with a dataset of precipitation and stream discharge collected by the USGS and the HJ Andrews Experimental Forest. Their data movie leverages sonification and animation to understand how baseflow contributes to different recession curves in tributaries of Mckenzie river in central Oregon.

Also, check out Christian's "Mckenzie River Symphony" for a mid-based interpretive version of this data!

Eric Breard and Chris Harper

Worked with a synthetic granular flow dataset generate from Discrete Element Simulations. Sonification in this case was use to highlight regime changes in the model flow from solid-like to liquid-like to gas-like behavior as a function of gravitational driving force magnitude.

Tyler Newton

Brought a seismic dataset from the Rattlesnake Ridge slow moving landslide in Washington. He used direct sonification and an animated spectrogram to look for unusual seismic events (micro earthquakes).